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Our innovative products allow us to be present in the largest companies in Brazil applying the best solutions and generating significant results.


We are certified in the ISO 9001:2015 quality management system, by Rina, a certifier based in Genoa - Italy, being one of the oldest classification and certification societies in the world.


    We maintain close partnership relations throughout the production chain, highlighting customers, suppliers and employees:

    Our relationship is fundamental in achieving our business and professional life goals.
    We have the same vision for the future, the same values and we are guided by the same principles.
    Ethics, respect, responsibility and trust are paramount in our relationships.
    We use our talents to the full, in the pursuit of quality and productivity, and we are rewarded according to our results.
    The development of professional skills is vital for a long-lasting relationship.
    We are in tune with the market
    We always seek the best results
    We act quickly and with a sense of opportunity
    We value the direct relationship with the external client
    We work as a team
    We share the power of decision
    We have open and honest communication
    We promote continuous organisational learning
    Our success comes from satisfied customers
    Our aspiration is to provide quality and excellence in everything we do
    We produce the profitability expected by our company
    We use technological innovation to ensure market leadership
    Each of us is valued
    We assume our social responsibilities
    Product Quality
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    Project Development

    High Performance

    High added value, operational and economic results are some of the benefits that our clients obtain with the improved performance of their processes.


    Products tested to the extreme, we apply mathematical modelling to physical tests to get the best result, all variables that can affect performance are tested.


    We manufacture products with similarity of standards, with quality equal or superior to imported ones. We are able to produce cables produced in other countries.

    Innovation without Limits

    We innovate in manufacturing processes, logistics, and the creation of new products and markets. We apply management concepts of innovation fostering gains throughout the production chain.

    If it can be designed, we can make it!

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